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The Family

Creating harmonious music together has always been a favorite endeavor of the Thomas family household. The parents, Frank and Marilyn, began this tradition on their wedding day, and as their family grew, the couple was humbled to discover that each of their children also demonstrated a musical aptitude for playing and singing.


Over the years, they realized their natural harmonies and preferred instrumentation were best suited for the bluegrass genre, and since serving the Lord with their music is an important focus of their lives, they mainly perform gospel tunes of yesteryears in hopes of being a spiritual blessing to their audience.

As registered members of the South Carolina Bluegrass and Traditional Music Association, this gospel family band includes Dad strumming his guitar; David, the oldest, playing the mandolin; Jameson plucking the upright bass; Ella striking up a tune on her fiddle; and Mom occasionally joining in with a melody on her penny whistle. The Thomas family band has enjoyed performing throughout the Southeast – as a ministry and just for fun – at retirement centers, in churches, at music festivals, for weddings, on radio shows, and at Bill’s Pickin’ Parlor.

Additionally, because the children are classically trained, they are able to provide music suitable for more formal occasions, such as weddings.  In that setting, the children form a piano trio with David accompanying Jameson on his cello and Ella playing her violin. Occasionally, Dad's guitar substitutes the piano, for a more mellow sound. Upon request, vocals with piano, also played by Ella, is another option.

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